We create powerful 3D interactive models for immersive interior imagery. Our virtual modelling enables you to transport an online viewer to a fully digitised space in unparalleled graphic fidelity.


“Virtual property viewings could change the industry in some fundamental ways”
Guy Bradshaw of Sotheby’s International Realty to the Financial Times


But the transformative potential of 3D visualisation spans far beyond property viewings alone. Already revolutionising connectivity between workplaces, digital showcasing, and remote management, to name but a few; it is the game-changing technology to keep apace with a changing world.


Our innovative modelling offers so much more than just virtual walkthroughs. A single scan can generate precise measurements, detailed schematics, surveys of all electronic and AV equipment and 4K photo and video from all angles. Its application spans a whole host of sectors and business models. How can we help you?


Curated over 15 years on the cutting edge of smart home and workplace technology, our expertise and professionalism is at the heart of everything we do at New Land Solutions. We launched Vision to help businesses step confidently into the future- with their eyes open.


Vision by New Land

Our expertise in ground breaking virtual modelling is grounded by years of designing, installing and managing solutions for luxury smart homes and state-of-the-art offices. As New Land we have implemented cutting-edge systems in high-end properties across the country, from medieval manors to Shoreditch showrooms.

Comprehensive aftercare and support for our high profile clients has always been integral to our service. With Digital Butler we are extending our attentive expertise and diligent support to all users seeing the smart care their smart home needs.