Ground-breaking technology with beautiful results

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Private Residence

Visualise your home. A beautiful 3D model of your property can bring limitless convenience into many corners of your life. As New Land Solutions, 3D scans allow us to remotely manage and maintain smart home systems with ease. But the technology enables many more professionals to apply their expertise from afar, from interior designers to insurance providers. The personal benefits of digitizing your space are extensive.

The measurement tool makes precise dimensions of even the most inaccessible objects and boundaries available at the switch of a finger. Virtual tours, floorplans and 4K photos bring beautiful simplicity to showcasing, event planning and so much more.

Real Estate

As property viewings and sales transition toward the digital sphere, the high-end 3D visualisation we provide is fast becoming an indispensable asset for firms; not to mention an expectation from clients. Appraisals, inspections, viewings and transactions. Immersive walkthroughs enable clients not just to see, but to experience a property online. Photorealistic floor-plans, cross sections and precision measurements empower appraisers, agents, and clients alike to advance further and faster, with confidence.

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Facilities Management

3D visualisation is a crucial tool for anyone seeking efficient management of the built environment. Ground-breaking reality capture software enables hardware management, condition assessments and asset registers to be overseen remotely. By reducing the frequency of site visits, we can help drive costs down and ramp efficiency up.


Embolden customers with an immersive booking experience. With a range of high fidelity perspectives and creative features to enhance your digital space, our 3D modelling goes beyond photography. Virtual exploration is proven to increase visibility and engagement online, propelling your business beyond the competition. Virtual tours can be embedded to your website, and even published to Google Maps to increase footfall.

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Design and Construction

Interactive 3D modelling is revolutionising approaches to design and construction. Our scans can be integrated with a wide range of design and construction software. By digitizing projects in lifelike fidelity with precise measurements, we enable frictionless data-sharing and smooth collaboration regardless of schedules or geography. Optimise efficiency in time and cost by streamlining your processes, from planning, to inspections, to handovers and beyond.