Managing Site Visits and Surveys in the Covid-19 Era

Managing Site Visits and Surveys in the Covid-19 Era

Managing Site Visits and Surveys in the Covid-19 Era

  • Posted by visionnewland
  • On January 21, 2021


When you have multiple diverse teams working on a project, enabling them to come together to share feedback and ideas can be crucial to the project’s success.

In the era of Covid lockdowns and social distancing one of the biggest challenges is gathering for site visits, progress reports and inspections.  This impacts the success of projects profoundly, causing delays, adding expense and risking to costly mistakes.

With our 3D scanning technology, these costs, time-debts and risks can be a thing of the past.


Virtual Site Survey

A high-end, immersive home cinema experience requires collaboration between multiple trades and technology suppliers. New Land Solutions were asked to replace the dated home cinema in a client’s country manor during a lengthy locked-down winter.

A collaborative project like this is driven by interpersonal interaction. But with Covid restrictions in place, gathering the designers, technicians and tradespeople physically on-site was impossible. The solution? Do it digitally.

By creating virtual models of any interior space, our 3D scanning technology enables users to take their collaboration online.


Home Cinema Live Project Model

With the client living abroad for the duration of the pandemic, the design team were able to conduct an initial survey within the property. once the old home cinema equipment and furniture had been taken out.  Using the Vision 3D scanning technology we were able to take a single scan of the space: a blank canvas on which the high-spec home cinema would be drawn.  From the scan we created a photo realistic model of the room to share with all parties involved in taking the project forward.





The model incorporated precise measurements, drilling into detail on specific areas of importance. These included accurate digital floorplans, measurements and schematics, all of which were shared with all the relevant delivery partners involved in bringing the design to life. So, in spite of the serious constraints on the project that covid restrictions posed, the clients’ vision for a dream home cinema was delivered on budget, and on time.


Vision’s AI-powered, 3D technology can capture and recreate any interior in digital form for BIM planning, visualisation, project management and even stakeholder engagement. It’s revolutionised projects for partners and suppliers alike, but we’re only just scratching the surface.  Even beyond the Covid era we anticipate this technology being adopted by an increasing number of construction and engineering businesses to allow contractors and stakeholders to visit any location worldwide without the need for travel.



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